About Us

At Mereus we operate in a competitive and highly regulated environment which demands that organisations optimise the return on Investor's funds whilst maximising the operational efficiency of their Asset Management business.

Mereus brings an in-depth market knowledge and wide-ranging expertise to the development of innovative solutions which are designed to measure the value of investment research for the benefit of both Asset Management firms and their investors. The Mereus product was conceived by investment professionals for investment professionals and built by an IT team who have spent their careers in the financial sector.

Our team, having worked in the Asset Management industry for many years, work with customers on a collaborative basis, enabling them to respond rapidly to new challenges and opportunities with passion and enthusiasm. Our London office is based in the West End to facilitate this.

We set exceptionally high standards and deliver support and service that is world-class, building strong long-term relationships with our customers based on trust and commitment.

At Mereus, we see continuing change and increased regulation for our customers. We are dedicated to continually evolving Mereus to the benefit of customers and investors, so that they know they can rely on us to deliver tangible results now and in the future.

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Call us on +44 207 079 1097 or email us at sales@mereus.com to find out more. 

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