How it Works

Mereus is delivered as a private cloud based software service so you do not need to install any software or make any mail server configuration changes at either the sender's or your site. It is very straightforward to start measuring the value of your brokers’ research.

Our solution pre-processes your research emails. Those containing attachments and links have them replaced with Mereus HTML links to the documents. The research reports are safely stored in the Mereus secure database and the Mereus pre-processed emails are immediately forwarded onto the recipient. 

The resulting email looks identical to the original, with the attachments replaced by a header with HTML links to the documents.  Links to documents in the original mail are simply replaced in line with Mereus HTML links. The Mereus document HTML links are unique for each sender + recipient + attachment combination and are machine generated using a cryptographic algorithm. The process is therefore completely transparent to the recipient. 

What we do

During the easy set-up process we will assign and configure a modified version of your company email address. Once this is done, you can start using the Mereus service to receive brokers Research. Anyone in the company can then receive emails without the need for further configuration. If a new employee joins the company after the initial set up then they can receive emails via Mereus from day one - no new user configuration is required. 

We also provide mail group functionality so you do not have to notify multiple senders when someone joins or leaves your company.

The service runs in parallel to your existing mail server so you remain in full control of whether or not you measure reading usage. You simply choose who you want to use the service by giving them your own Mereus assigned email address.

When someone opens or saves a research article that has been processed by Mereus, the system records the details. Additionally, if a Mereus processed email is forwarded on to someone-else and that person opens or saves the report then this is recorded too. This allows you to see who is not paying for research and / or develop new sales leads.


We provide you with the tools to analyse the reading patterns of the documents you send or receive, for example who is reading which documents and when. You simply sign in to the Mereus website to view real time reports of who has opened which documents and when.  You can see reports by sender, by sender company domain, by recipient, by report and more. Data from all the reports is available for you to download in CSV format so that you can perform extended analysis in say Excel.

Managing Your Mereus Disk Space

We will assign you dedicated disk space to securely store your attachments. Your Mereus dashboard clearly and simply shows how much of this space you have used and what you are using daily. Mereus can automatically delete your attachments a set time after they were last received so you just choose how long you want to keep your attachments for and how much disk space you need to enable this. 

Getting started

See our 2 page service data sheet.

Please call us on 0207 079 1097 to discuss your requirements or email us at for more information.

Alternatively, why not go ahead with a free 30 day trial and see how quickly Mereus can make a difference to your business.