Most Read Analysts & Providers In May

Welcome to the first edition of the Mereus Research Analyst awards. Each month we will measure the most read* analysts and research providers across our clients and publish the results by category. Mereus details how Research is read in the following ways:

  • - We show how many reports are received from each research provider and compare open rates for each firm.
  • - We detail which individual analyst is producing the most (and least) read reports.
  • - We show the most (and least) read individual reports across all documents.

To receive the latest Mereus Research Analyst awards you just need to participate. Please register via our contact us page. We will be adding further categories over the coming months. If you wish to see a particular statistic then please let us know.

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Winners for May 2013

Top Analysts (Most Read Research Documents Sent to Subscribers)

Rank Analyst %
1 George Zois (Exotix) 50
2= Stuart Culverhouse (Exotix) 50
2= Vaheesan Sinnathamby (Goldman Sachs) 50

Rank Analyst %
1 George Zois (Exotix) 50
2= Stuart Culverhouse (Exotix) 50
2= Vaheesan Sinnathamby (Goldman Sachs) 50
Rank Analyst %
1 Sebastien Galy (Societe Generale) 29
Rank Analyst %
1 Gaute Ulltveit-Moe (Artic Securities) 5
2 Ben Rolfe (Tavira Monaco) 3
3 Return (Sumnet) 1
Rank Analyst %
1 Tim Price (PFP Group)                         17
Rank Analyst %
1 Thoma Thygesen (Seb Denmark) 17
2 Marc Ostwald (Monument Securities) 5
3 Andy Lees (AML Macro) 2
Technical Analysis
Rank Analyst %
1 David McCreadie (Monument Securities) 25


Top Analysts (Most Read Research Article (Portal) Links Sent to Subscribers)

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Top Research Articles (Most Read Research Documents Sent to Subscribers) 

Best Research Articles
Rank Article Author %
1= Knight Credit Comment 28 May Christophe Chanchorle (Knight) 100
1= Knight Credit Comment 30 May Christophe Chanchorle (Knight) 100
3= Daily Comment 13 May Ben Rolfe (Tavira Monaco) 100
3= Espresso - Europe Today 8 May Return (Kepler Cheuvreux) 100
3= Ppp Absolute Screen ERM Sebastien Galy (Societe Generale) 100
3= Soc Gen 16 May Sebastien Galy (Societe Generale) 100
3= Arctic Daily - Thu, 02 May 13 Gaute Ulltveit-Moe (Artic Securities) 100
8= Knight Credit Comment 9 May Christophe Chanchorle (Knight) 50
8= Press Release - Agenda Q1 2013 George Zois (Exotix) 50
8= Bi-weekly Frontier Strategy 8 May Stuart Culverhouse (Exotix) 50


Top Providers

Direct Email
Rank Provider %
1 Goldman Sachs 50
2 Bloomberg 28
3 Exotix 25
4 PFP Group 17
5 SEB 17
6 Morgan Stanley 15
7 Citi 6
8 Monument Securities 4
9 Tavira Monaco 3
10 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 3


Portal Links

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* We define "most read" as the highest percentage unique person open rate across all documents and portal links sent to all recipients. If there is a tie on percentage open rates then we rank the most prolific analyst / provider higher. I.e. the analyst / provider with the highest sum of (documents sent x recipients) score.