Reduce Your Email Data Storage Costs

Reduce Disk Storage by up to 93%

Most organisations keep multiple copies of the same email with every attachment typically being stored 3 times for each user - once for the master copy, once for disaster recovery and once for offsite backup versions. If attachments are received across the organisation then managing attachments places a considerable cost and resource overhead on the business. However, Mereus separates attachments from their associated mail bodies, stores them more efficiently than conventional mail servers and allows you to auto-purge attachments to deliver the benefits below.

Only the email bodies reach your email system. Additionally, if more than one person receives the same email in your company then only one copy of the document is saved in the Mereus database.

For example, if you have 50 analysts sending Research emails to 10 people in your company, with on average 2 documents per email, then most corporate email setups will store 3,000 files. If the documents are on average 0.3 Mb then you are using 900 Mb of storage space a day!

In this example, Mereus would store a master and disaster recovery copy of each unique file received. I.e. 200 files in total using 60 Mb of storage space, thus reducing your storage usage by 93%. See our storage savings page for more examples.

The saving in Disk space costs alone will often deliver a Return on Investment without considering the other benefits.

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