Reduce Your Trading Commission Fees

Mereus enables you to easily and efficiently analyse valuable information about who is reading which research. Being able to answer the "who, when and what" will enable you to measure performance in many ways. For example:

- See which Research providers generate the most read content and deliver the best value to your business and investors.
- Quantitatively rank the individual analysts by measuring how many times their reports are viewed.
- Identify which of your employees are reading the Research being sent to them and, equally as importantly, those that are not.
- Show the individual documents that are read the most and those that use the most disk space.

Mereus gives you a firm wide dashboard to see statistics like total documents received, number of documents opened, percentage open rates, disk space used and to run individual reports. 

Renegotiate Brokerage Dealing Fees. There is a significant difference in commission fees for Execution only versus Full Service (Research plus Execution). It is essential that you identify the value of ther Research material you receive - this directly affects the management and performance fees you earn. Mereus will give you this information by showing read statistics for each Analyst and Research provider / Brokerage firm. Mereus will provide you with the necessary information to help you determine your best and worst Research providers and thereby give you the opportunity to re-negotiate the commission fees for less performant providers or to switch to an execution only basis. Try our broker commission saver to see how much extra revenue Mereus can earn for your firm.

In 2012, the FSA conducted thematic reviews of asset management firms. They stated that: "Too few firms adequately controlled spending on research and execution services" in section 3 of their November 12 report: Conflicts of interest between asset managers and their customers: Identifying and mitigating the risks. The Mereus service will help you meet best practice described under COBS11.6.5E and COBS11.6.3R.

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