Conflicts of Interest

Why Regulators Care About Research Commission Spending - Neil Scarth

Neil provides the opening presentation for our October 18, 2013 breakfast briefing giving details of how UK regulation is driving global change and opportunities in the procuring of Research by Asset Managers.

Article : UK Regulator may Spark a Revolution in how Fund Managers Buy Broker Research

At a time of desultory returns, with performance fees still a distant memory at many funds and plenty languishing below high water marks, the scope to use investors’ money to cover the cost of managing that money is a lively topic of discussion. In fact, putting costs on to the fund is an existential issue at firms struggling to run their business on management fees alone.

FSA Paper : Conflicts of Interest between Asset Managers and their Customers : Identifying and Mitigating the Risks

3 How firms managed the purchase of research and trade execution services on behalf of customers
3.1 Too few firms adequately controlled spending on research and execution services